Venture Progress

Our Approach for Venture Progress

“An Entrepreneurs job is to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”
— Steve Blank

We see ourselves as Lean Entrepreneurs. Although we think that you need to validate your riskiest assumptions before doing some serious investment, we are not monotheistically religious about the Lean Startup. In fact, our approach entails great thought from the Lean Startup, but also from Design Thinking, Agile Methodologies and Business Modeling. We have an extensive repertoire of methods and tools to generate or prioritize ideas through convergent/divergent thinking. The ideas that we generated are than tested validated through the Build-Measure-Learn cycle. Everything that we do is guided by the Venture Pyramid, which illustrates the venturing progress. At the end of the day, an entrepreneur aims to get to Product-Market Fit and to identify a repeatable and scalable business model.

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Venture Pyramid

We build our thinking not only on the Build-Measure-Learn Loop, but also on the Venture Pyramid. This allows a consistent scaling of a venture and helps teams to keep on track with their activities. They change the perspective from an (often dominant) output-orientation to an outcome-orientation.


Your Benefits:

  • 100% customer driven
  • Lean and fast decision making
  • Outcome focus rather than Output focus
  • You'll get the first €uro fast


Phase 1 – Get off the ground

  • Problem and Solution validation/ Proof of concept
  • MVP definition
  • Market Entry Strategy development
  • Business Model and Business Case develoment
  • Organisational model definition (integration/seperation)

Phase 2 – Build n' test your MVP

  • MVP development
  • Execution organisation set-up and hiring
  • Continuous Development until Product-Market Fit is achieved

Phase 3 – Get to a great business

  • Product-Channel Fit validation
  • Revenue stream validation
  • Cost structure validation

  • Achievement of Profitability



What we offer to progress on your venture


The greatest value that customer will get from working with us to progress on a venture comes from a co-creation approach. The idea behind our co-creation approach is that an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur is working side-by-side with a SWAN-Entrepreneur-in-Resdience. The co-creation approach begins at an engagement of 3 months, which is the required time to run through the first phase.


We offer workshops that focus on the phases or parts of the venture pyramid. Workshops can vary in their length (from 1-3 days) and their participants (5-20 participants). The objective of the workshop is to get to know central methods and tools that can be utilized on the way to venture success.


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