About SWAN

SWAN is an innovation consultancy born in 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Founded by Entrepreneurial Management enthusiasts who love to run experiments to develop new ventures, SWAN focuses on driving startup's and corporate's venturing activities. SWAN is the GoTo-consultancy for fast iterations and results after days.

But why SWAN? The swan is a symbol for uncertainty. This uncertainty is existing for every venturing activity, whether it's run by entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs... We help companies and individuals to cope with this uncertainty and to optimize their decision making in order to reach a new level of innovation performance. Please fill in some more Marketing talk... SWAN is actually the acronym for Still Without A Name. We eat breath and sleep the lean startup. Thats why we are still without a name. We want to validate the demand of our value propositions - independent from any company name.


Founding Team


Prof. Dr. Lutz Göcke

Lutz loves to innovate and to make a difference. He’s crazy about creating new products and businesses that have an impact. He is a Thought-Leader for Corporate Innovation and a Scientists who likes to read and write. Lutz is a Serial-Intrapreneur, a Startup Mentor at Accelerator programs and a Lecturer for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategic Management. He enjoys the precious time with his family and friends.

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Jonathan Najarian

Jonathan's why has always been three things: vision, purpose, and people. With those three things, he believes everything is possible. He has a passion for change and helping people realize their highest potentials. After learning lean methods and agile practices years ago, he's realized the opportunity to spread these methods in order to help enable entrepreneurs and established companies alike. From being an intrapreneur in a corporate, to a Startup, he has a well balanced understanding of both worlds.

American born, European raised since 2010, Jonathan took his dream to live and work in Germany seriously 7 years ago. He's a complete car enthusiast, climber, and passionate about self improvement



Clemens Gammer

Clemens heart beats for pulling a great future into the present through products & services that resonate strongly with people, make their hearts beat higher and their lives easier. He believes that there is endless potential for entrepreneurship inside and outside organisations and practices that on a daily basis having started his own ventures. He’s all about less talking more doing. 

From Austria originally he loves skiing and music. Passionate about new mobility, machine intelligence and the interrelation between the human mind and tech