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Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay


SWAN Experiment Tracker

The Swan Experiment Tracker is our SaaS-solution and your guide in the venturing process. It builds on the Lean Startup Process and supports you in reaching Product-Market-Fit

Your Benefits

  • Stop wasting your time and money
  • Track your venture progress
  • Improve communication with investors


Community of Experimentalists

We are active in the local Startup community in Berlin and are organizing meetups to share Lean Experiments.

Your Benefits

  • Learn to reduce uncertainty through experiments
  • Get to know our toolbox
  • Meet other Experimentalists


Venture Progress

We engage in active Startup Advisory through Mentoring, Workshops or Co-Creation. Uncertainty, biases and time are your biggest enemies as an entrepreneur. We show you how to manage these on the way to traction. 

Your Benefits:

  • Rapid validation of your critical assumptions
  • Startup & Corporate Know-How
  • Passionate Mentors

“I’m convinced that it would be extremely valuable for any early-stage company to sit down with Lutz [SWAN Co-Founder], especially if you haven’t found product-market fit yet and want to brainstorm on running start-up experiments, getting quick customer feedback, and eliminate risk.
— Ruben Portz - Founder Jet8