With Corporates

Source: Photo by  Max Bender  on  Unsplash

Source: Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash


Venture Progress

We move your ventures forward. Either in a workshop setting or through an intense co-creation. We bring you the first €uros after weeks of collaboration. Work with our leading venture specialists to boost your success!

Your Benefits

  • Startup and Corporate Know-How
  • Lean Process without waste creation
  • Disrupt illusion of success


SWAN Experiment Tracker

The Swan Experiment Tracker enables you to conduct experiments, make evidence-based-decisions and to tack the performance of your innovation unit. It is THE GoTo software for rationalists and Lean Entrepreneurs! 

Your Benefits

  • Track your venture progress
  • See the performance of every team
  • Enable effective communication


Entrepreneurial Transformation

Innovation units need to act like entrepreneurs, but acting like startups and entrepreneurs is difficult for established companies. We help you on your Entrepreneurial Transformation Journey!

Your Benefits

  • Great experience with corporate innovation labs
  • Identify your baseline
  • Get fast feedback

“Lutz [SWAN Co-Founder] impresses by his deep knowledge in the domain of business innovation paired with a strong competence to convey respective tools and methods. Moreover, he is the go-to person for workshop facilitation.”
— Ann Folwaczny (Innovation Scouting Volkswagen AG)