Perform Better Than a Startup.


We developed a Scientific Assessment to guide you through your transformation.


Compare and learn from leaders

Compare your current setup with innovation leaders and get inspired by their actions. We consequently compare your setup to companies that are continuously innovating.

Google runs 30.000 experiments per year
— Gothelf/Seiden (2017)


Identify rooms of improvement

We show you where you are missing to act like a startup and suggest how you can act more entrepreneurial to  improve your innovation performance.

70% of transformation programs fail
— McKinsey (2013)


Understand conflicts in your current setup

Running through the assessment allows you to solve major conflicts in your current organizational setup. You will receive a detailed analysis of spots with a lack of FIT and suggestions for improvement.

“The importance of fit among functional policies is one of the oldest ideas in strategy. Gradually, however, it has been supplanted on the management agenda. Rather than seeing the company as a whole, managers have turned [to see success e.g. in leadership, structure, people].”
— Michael Porter (1997)